Peer-reviewed publications

Cardoso, R.L., Leite, R.O. & Aquino, A.C.B de. (Forthcoming) The Effect of Cognitive Reflection on the Efficacy of Impression Management: an experimental analysis with financial analysts. Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal.
doi:10.1108/AAAJ-10-2016-2731 (not active yet)

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doi:10.1590/1808-057x201804330 (not active yet)

Leite, R.O. (Forthcoming) Microfinance: methodological review and research agenda. Revista de Contabilidade do Mestrado em Ciências Contábeis da UERJ.

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Szuster, N., Szuster, F. & Leite, R.O. (2015) The 1859 Maua's Gas Company Financial Report: a cornerstone of Brazilian private accounting. The Accounting Historians Notebook 38(1):13-14, 2015. [pdf]



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