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Assistant Professor of Accounting and Finance at Rio de Janeiro State University.

PhD Student in Public and Business Administration at EBAPE/FGV.       

I like to ask good questions, and, if possible, answer them. My research interests are (but not limited to): behavioral accounting, behavioral economics, microfinance, accounting history and regulations, and also numismatics.

Contact info:

Rodrigo Leite
E-mail: rodrigo (dot) oliveira (at) uerj (dot) br

Rua São Francisco Xavier, 524 Sala 8024-B
Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Brazil.

"Problems worthy of attack prove their worth by fighting back."

"The road to wisdom? — Well, it's plain and simple to express:
Err and err and err again, but less and less and less."

-- Piet Hein (1905-1996)